About Fred Thrasher

Fred W. Thrasher was born in Clinton County, Kentucky in 1938, and lived in Albany, Ky. until he married. Then he moved to Indiana in 1960.  After seven years of employment there, he moved back to his home town and went into business for himself.

Fred and his wife Betty have five sons (Danny, Freddie, Ronnie, Jeff, and Dennis) and one daughter (Margaret).  Betty has been a great inspiration to him as an artist and the encouragement and support from his family have contributed much to his success.

Fred has sketched since early school days, and started painting with oils in 1968.  Having no formal training, he completed a correspondence course from Washington School of Art, he has worked with several well known artists, and studied many books and articles on art.  Nature scenes and historical landmarks are what Fred loves to paint the most.